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Mastering Buy-to-Let Offers to Purchase
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Mastering the but-to-let offer to Purchase Mastering Buy-to-Let Offers to Purchase is a 4-week online course that aims to help buy-to-let property investors understand the complexities of putting together an advantageous offer to purchase. Course attendants also receive a copy of an Offer to Purchase for use by buy-to-let property investors. 

What you learn in the Mastering Offer to Purchase course:

  • How to craft offers to purchase
  • What is negotiable and what is not
  • How to write financing clauses that suit your needs
  • How to consider combined sources of financing (bonds, cash, re-financed fund, sellers finance)
  • How much you should bond for
  • What is “loading” and why you shouldn’t do it
  • What are mixed finance offers
  • Who appoints the bonds originator
  • Who appoints the transfering and bonding attorney
  • Why is the bond finance clause to the benefit of the purchaser
  • When to write certain clauses to make sure the deal doesn’t fall through
  • What is required when dealing with / or as company or trust
  • How to consider protection in offer when tenants are involved
  • What to write in the offer when taking over an occupied property
  • How to better structure an offer for investment purposes
  • How to negotiate better terms for a win-win situation
  • What are the considerations in sectional title vs freehold
  • What do you need to know about a sectional title before you place an offer
  • How to make sure the offer is valid
  • How to identify when an offer is not valid
  • What is the role of an Estate Agent in the buying process
  • …and much more.

It is easy to do the course. Once you book by ordering the course, you login to campus and do all the lessons in 4 weeks at your own leisure and in your own time, any time for the duration of the course.

You can view and review lessons as you need and ask questions in the forum if you need assistance from a lecturer.

Because the course is online you are always guaranteed the most updated information that we publish.

The course will give you everything you need to know to buy the right investment properties for yourself, structure financing to build a strong portfolio, negotiate the prices you want and terms that suits your need while closing the deal. You will know everything you need to know to structure your offers, work with estate agents and even be able to help your family and friends with the knowledge you have, and they will thank you for it.

Who Should Attend the Course:

  • Property investors that want to build their own Offers to Purchase, negotiate and craft offers according to deals to secure the purchase.
  • Real estate agents that want and need to understand Offers to Purchase in-depth to negotiate and craft offers to the best interest of all parties, and hence close more deals.
  • Anyone that wants to understand Offers to Purchase to purchase immovable property.


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